Richard Brown Tai Chi

Richard Brown

Taiji Quan gives me energy, a deep respect for nature and a passion for life. Hi, my name is Richard Brown and I’m a Wushu 5th Duan Coach (Laoshi: 老师). I teach Taiji Quan (太極拳) under the guidance of my Shīfu Grandmaster Zhu Changhai from Shenyang in Northern China. I’ve been studying Taiji Quan for over 35 years and have travelled to China to compete and have participate in many seminars with some of the greatest Taiji Quan Masters in the world.

As Grandmaster Zhu explains; ‘Only through practice can you truly know Taiji.’ It is this simple message I bring to you. As my Master further explained, ‘There are no secrets in learning Taiji; only practice and practice alone can open the door to health and wellbeing and the energy that follows.’ So, I invite you to come and learn with me. Take the first step in what could be a great opportunity to embrace your inner strength and to learn how through Taiji practice we become one with nature and our surroundings.