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GreenWell Events

GreenWell Events develops and manages programmes of nature and wellbeing events outside in the natural environment. The aims of these events are to improve the health and wellbeing of people around Northern Ireland encouraging them to be more active and to get outside. Research has indicated a very positive psychological and physiological effect to being in the natural environment especially now as we are coming out of lockdown.

Meet the man behind GreenWell Events

Liam is a motivated and highly experienced owner of GreenWell events and retired Public Sector Head of Service. He has been responsible for the successful leadership of many Local Authority services, private businesses and voluntary organisations and, amongst other projects, is now using his considerable years experience to assist Charities, Community and Voluntary organisations through his consultancy GreenWell events. Following retirement Liam worked in a Simon Community Hostel supporting homeless residents with Mental health and addiction issues and he also worked as a Social Prescriber with SPRING working closely with community partners, GP practices and other healthcare professionals providing pathways for patients from the health service to Community and Voluntary provision.

In both those roles and as a retired Head of Leisure and Sport Services Liam has realised the importance that outdoor activities, exercise and connection with the natural world has to the improvement of our mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

From August 2019 GreenWell events has been helping Community, Voluntary and Charity organisations to access different types of funding streams and has organised many Programmes of Health and Wellbeing activities in nature such as “Lough Neagh Nature and Wellbeing” Events on behalf of Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership and Heritage Lottery. Other organisations that GreenWell events have advised are Traad,

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Ballinderry and Ballyronan Development Association, STEPS, Mental Health and Suicide Charity and Broughderg Area Development Association.