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GreenWell Events

GreenWell Events develops and manages programmes of nature and wellbeing events outside in the natural environment. The aims of these events are to improve the health and wellbeing of people around Northern Ireland encouraging them to be more active and to get outside. Research has indicated a very positive psychological and physiological effect to being in the natural environment especially now as we are coming out of lockdown.”

Past Events

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Animal Tracking Skulls And Prints at Ant

Colette McLernon


So enjoyable to get outdoors and learn something very worthwhile. I enjoyed the foraging with Dermot Hughes at Antrim Reas wood on Saturday 7th November and learned some very interesting stuff. Then on Sunday 8th November I went to Ballyronan and made a bat box. Again brilliant social happy go lucky class. Would recommend these outdoor events to people in these particular stressful times. Very worthwhile.

Attended Lough Neagh Nature & Wellbeing Events

GreenWell recognise that ‘Nature is not merely an amenity, luxury, frill or decoration,’ (The Handbook of Solutogenesis: 2017): but an essential human need which increasing numbers of academic studies have shown that accessing relatively natural environments generally benefits society in terms of health and well-being,’


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